Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant Trailer Reveals Varshan the Consumed

The new season goes live on July 20th and features a quest where players must cage the Malignant Hearts of Corrupted Monsters.

Blizzard Entertainment has released a short new gameplay trailer for Diablo 4’s upcoming Season of the Malignant. It sees players battling Malignant enemies and capturing their Malignant Hearts to socket them into jewellery for new powers. Check out how some of those powers look in the trailer below.

The new boss, Varshan the Consumed, is also briefly showcased. Along with creating a wave of Corrupted ground, it also lashes out with its tendrils at players. What other attacks it may offer remains to be seen. Varshan is in the Malignant Tunnels, a new dungeon considered “highly replayable.” It’s also where Malignant enemies reside.

Season of the Malignant goes live on July 20th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC owners of Diablo 4. While the seasonal content, including the 32 new Malignant Powers, is free, you’ll need to pay for the Premium Battle Pass and create a new seasonal character to avail of new cosmetics.