Vampire Survivors – Local Co-op Mode Receives New Gameplay and Details

As for online co-op, developer poncle said it’s an “order of magnitude or two more complicated to make right now” but teased looking into it.

Poncle’s Vampire Survivors is getting a local co-op mode on August 17th, allowing four players to fight monsters together. Over 13 minutes of new gameplay is available via IGN, showcasing co-op in action, while Geo Morgan, Senior Marketing Manager at poncle, shared details on Xbox Wire.

In local co-op, you can use an existing save file and have up to three friends join. All characters, weapons, DLC and updates are available to play. You can’t have duplicate Survivors – each player has to select someone unique. Also, you level in turns instead of all at once. If an ally dies, they become a coffin, which you must protect until they can revive.

The number of available weapons depends on the number of players, so it’s good to coordinate who gets what. A new item – The Friendship Amulet – to level up random weapons for each player. Thankfully, no Achievements are locked behind local co-op.

As for whether online co-op will ever happen, Morgan said it’s “an order of magnitude or two more complicated to make right now” but teased, “Maybe we’ll look into it when we have more time. Or maybe we are already?”