Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Clip Showcases Saga Anderson’s Mind Place

Accessible anytime, the Mind Place is where Saga investigates the case, arranging clues on the Case Board and checking objectives.

Remedy Entertainment has a short new gameplay clip for Alan Wake 2, focusing on FBI agent Saga Anderson, the second protagonist. More specifically, it focuses on the Mind Place, accessible anytime. Existing within her mind, it’s here that she arranges clues for cases. Check it out below.

In the Mind Place, Saga can access several things like a map, manuscripts, profiling and the Case Board. The Case Board showcases the state of the investigation, pending objectives and more. Players look to add more clues to specific deductions, which can seemingly update objectives. The transition back to the real world is abrupt, but perhaps it’s smoother in the final game.

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 17th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Along with Saga, players control Alan Wake and can switch between the two characters at almost any point in the game. Creative director Sam Lake describes the current concept as “the most interesting and ambitious,” so it should be interesting to see things play out.