Exoprimal Features PvE, PvP and Random Options for Final Missions

At launch, you can face other players in the last mission of Dino Survival or compete to complete objectives faster in PvE.

Along with releasing a new launch trailer for Exoprimal and outlining its post-launch roadmap (which includes a Monster Hunter collab), Capcom discussed the Final Mission options that players could choose. During the first closed beta, two teams of players could end up fighting each other in the final round. It didn’t garner the most positive feedback, so the developer promised the ability to opt-out.

In its recent showcase for the game, it revealed that after playing enough of the game, you’ll unlock Final Mission Selection for Dino Survival. You can set three options for matchmaking – PvP, PvE and Random. In PvP, you’ll fight the other team at the end, and PvE sees you fighting to complete objectives faster.

Random will match you into either and provides a small XP boost. Overall, it’s a nice set of options to have and should provide more flexibility for players.

Exoprimal is out on July 14th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It also launches day one on Game Pass.