Alone in the Dark – THQ Nordic is “Committed to the Franchise in the Long Run”

THQ Nordic “will be happy to explore further” if reception for the upcoming reboot merits follow-ups.

From Resident Evil and Dead Space and others, the list of survival horror franchises that have seen remarkable turnarounds of late is a long one, and another that looks to be joining that list is Alone in the Dark. The grandfather of the survival horror genre though it may be, Alone in the Dark has been dormant for years, but with a reimagination of the first game and a reboot of the franchise set to launch later this year, developer Pisces Interactive and publisher THQ Nordic will be hoping for a proper revival.

But exactly how long-term are their plans for the Alone in the Dark franchise? Is the upcoming reboot a sign of things to come, or should fans keep their expectations in check? According to THQ Nordic, it’s definitely a case of the former.

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, Andreas Schmiedecker, associate producer at THQ Nordic, said that it’s “committed to the franchise in the long run” and will be “happy to explore” the possibility of more instalments in the future- if the upcoming reboot should prove to be a successful one, that is.

“We’re excited to bring back Alone in the Dark with the attention the franchise deserves and are eager to know what old and new fans think of our attempt,” Schmeidecker said. “We’re commited to the franchise in the long run and will be happy to explore if further if audience reception stays as positive as we have been experiencing since the announcement.”

The survival horror genre has enjoyed an incredible rennaissance recently, and based on the lineup of upcoming games in the genre that are still in the pipeline, it very much seems like that that momentum is going to continue picking up. Hopefully, Alone in the Dark will contribute to that in its own way.

In the same interview, Schmeidecker also confirmed that each of the two playable protagonists in the game will have 6-10 hour campaign, for a collective length of “at least” twice as much.

Alone in the Dark launches on October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Alone in the Dark: Prologue, a free playable prologue, is also currently available on all platforms.