Destiny 2 – Graviton Lance Buff, Target Lock Nerf Coming in Mid-Season 21 Patch

The Year 1 Exotic pulse rifle will get a 67 percent damage buff in PvE, while Target Lock’s max damage in PvP drops to 25 percent.

Things are somewhat slow for Destiny 2 ahead of the next showcase on August 22nd, when Bungie will showcase The Final Shape. However, a mid-season patch is dropping soon, providing some changes to weapon archetypes and specific Exotics.

In particular, Graviton Lance is getting some buffs, with PvE damage increasing by 67 percent. The additional aim assist from the Catalyst is being removed, and Cosmology’s explosion damage to players is reduced by 40 percent. The latter’s PvE damage is the same, but whether it shakes up the PvE meta remains to be seen.

No Time to Explain’s Range stat is being lowered by 10 while some Fighting Lion bugs that prevented it from receiving the Catalyst’s benefits are being fixed. Those annoyed by Target Lock in PvP, take note – its maximum damage to other players is dropping from 40 to 25 percent. It’ll remain the same in PvE, though. Stay tuned for in-depth patch notes when the update goes live.