Exoprimal Showcase Announced for July 10th

The showcase will provide new information and a “few surprises” before the game’s launch on July 14th for consoles and PC.

Capcom’s next big release is Exoprimal, a co-op PvEvP action title releasing next week, and thus, a showcase has been announced to provide more details. It goes live on June 10th at 4:30 PM PDT on Twitch, and based on the short teaser clip, we could see Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire, one of the Exosuit Variants, in action.

Exoprimal is set in the far-flung future, with mysterious portals sprouting dinosaurs that wreak havoc. As the Exofighters, players must fight back their advances, but there’s a deeper story involving time travel, the Leviathan AI, and more to unravel. Playing Dino Survival allows for gathering more clues to find out what’s going on.

The actual gameplay involves two teams of five players competing to complete objectives faster, whether guarding specific points or escorting payloads. A recent trailer also highlighted the Trigger Neosaurs and Dominator, the latter used for controlling a giant dinosaur to wreak havoc with the enemy team. Check it out here.

Exoprimal is out on July 14th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC, and also launches day one on Game Pass.