Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Seems to Have Been Delayed to Q1 2024

Officially set to launch later this year, publisher Nacon has listed the open world racer for a 2024 launch in a recently-published fiscal document.

The wait for Test Drive Unlimited has dragged on a little longer than many would have expected. Announced back in 2020, the open world racer was originally set to launch in September 2022, before being delayed to sometime in 2023. However, it seems publisher Nacon may have pushed the game’s launch further by a few months again.

In a recently published financial document (spotted by Proteus Gaming), Nacon has its upcoming titles listed for the current fiscal year, with release windows and dates also mentioned for those games. According to this graphic, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is now set to launch sometime in Q1 2024.

Interestingly, the graphic also mentions PS4 and Xbox One as target platforms for the game, though Nacon and developer KT Racing announced last year that those versions had been cancelled.

A delay for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown hasn’t been officially announced yet, so it remains to be seen whether the Q1 2024 launch window mentioned in the financial document is an error or a premature confirmation of a delay.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.