Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising – Nier Announced as Third New Character

A popular Granblue Fantasy character joins the roster of Arc System Works’ fighting game sequel, summoning Death in combat.

During Anime Expo 2023, Cygames revealed the next character coming to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising – Nier. Don’t get too excited, though – this Nier isn’t from Yoko Taro’s hit action RPG series but one of Granblue Fantasy’s more popular characters. Check out the short teaser trailer below.

Nier is voiced by Jenny Yokobori (Yoimiya from Genshin Impact) in English and Noriko Shitaya (Sakura Mato from Fate/Stay Night) in Japanese. She’s unique since she can summon Death, a primal beast, to aid her in battle. Spending Love’s Redemption allows her to queue up commands and execute them sequentially while Death is on the field. Death disappears when Love’s Redemption is exhausted, though we’ve yet to see what else Nier can do.

Other newcomers to the sequel include Anila and Siegfried. The latter will be playable in this month’s online beta, which is coming to PS4 and PS5 from July 28th to 30th. However, randomly selected applicants can play the pre-access beta from July 26th to 27th. Head here for more details.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising is out this year and also coming to PC.