Persona 5: Tactica Trailer Details Joker, Morgana and Erina

Take out distant enemies with Joker, sweep them away with Morgana, or use Erina to weaken targets while healing teammates.

Persona 5: Tactica, a spin-off of Persona 5 from Atlus, is a tactical turn-based twist on the series’ combat and mechanics. It sees the Phantom Thieves arriving in a mysterious world and assisting Erina in her fight against the Legionnaires. Though there are multiple playable characters, players must choose three for their squad, and in a new trailer, Atlus has outlined Joker, Morgana and Erina.

Joker is capable of single-target damage and has a significant range. His unique skill is Phantom Range, which attacks from afar and can take down guarding enemies. Morgana is ideal for sweeping enemies out of cover while also having critical attacks. Winds of Time deals area of effect damage and pushes enemies out of cover.

Newcomer Erina can target several enemies but is also a strong support. Flag of Freedom will render enemies in range vulnerable and heal teammates, which is ideal for pairing with Morgana’s Winds of Time. Just be careful not to sweep enemies away before weakening them.

Persona 5: Tactica launches on November 17th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch while also launching on Game Pass. It’s rumored to have Kasumi and Akechi as day one DLC.