Trackmania Update 1.11 for July 1 Races Summer 2023 Campaign

Ubisoft has released Trackmania update 1.11 and this is for the Summer 2023 campaign update kicking off today! 

The Summer 2023 campaign is out! Discover these 25 new tracks for free on console and PC! Alongside this new campaign comes a new update. Here is the full changelog:

  • The current official campaign now has an unlock system to offer a better progression for the players. To unlock the blue tracks, you will need the first 10 bronze medals, to unlock the red tracks, the first 15 silver medals and to unlock the black tracks, the first 20 gold medals. Tracks are still playable elsewhere in the game without limitations.
  • Display your current official campaign rank on the main page in solo.
  • New Prestige skins completion popup in the garage. Show off your skill with this new display with all the Prestige skins you unlocked in one place.
  • Add official themed assets which you can use in your clubs on PC.
  • Improve the general fluidity of menus with 3D scene.
  • Allow Standard Access players to play public Club activities (rooms and campaigns) directly from the Club page.
  • Fix a softlock in the report pop up.
  • Fix texts cut off in the UI, especially in region names.
  • Fix cam 7 appearing when respawning.
  • Remove join and leave notifications in Cup of the Day.
  • Fix an issue with the display of rankings on the campaign tracks.
  • Improve the waiting time when buying an access.
  • Fix the characters limit in track editor’s URL entry.
  • Fix scroll up/down binding in scorestable.
  • New prestige gain animation.
  • Display the number of medals required to unlock the next level of prestige skin.
  • Improve latency test display.
  • Display the correct binding for the standstill respawn helper.
  • Imrpove loading times for large tracks with lots of lights.
  • Add a gamemode setting for the join/leave notifications.
  • Fix a crash when playing huge UGC tracks on PS5.
  • Reduce loading times on PS5.
  • Add Ranked competitive activity on PS5 hub.
  • Add a setting to disable the adaptive triggers on PS5.


  • Ice gameplay has been improved. There shouldn’t be a slowdown anymore and wiggles should not be an exploit anymore. Ice gameplay is slightly faster too.
  • Reduce the time before you can airbrake again after a water bounce.
  • Fix car rotating by itself when landing a jump in fragile mode.


  • Improve the onboarding menu when you launch the game for the first time.
  • Add a setting to choose the size of the text chat.
  • Add a setting to display a background behind the text chat.
  • Add a scroll in the text chat to see older messages in the big chat display.
  • Text-to-Speech now reads the last messages shown in the text chat when displayed in big.
  • With a new Text-to-Speech setting activated, writing a message in the chat will be read to the voice chat users. (English only)
  • Add Text-to-Speech in the report pop up.


  • Gamepad Editor tracks now correctly save Macroblock Color information.
  • Reloading & rebuilding tracks no longer erases colors.
  • Using Undo/Redo in expert now correctly replaces colored blocks.
  • Fix cursor staying while testing in the gamepad editor.
  • Fix a crash in the expert gamepad editor with overlays.
  • Fix a crash in gamepad editor when using the autofinish.
  • Fix a crash in gamepad editor when pressing the joystick button while playing.
  • Fix pressing L3 moves by one block in gamepad editor.


  • 38 blocks Narrow (12 RoadTech, 12 RoadDirt and 14 RoadIce).
  • 10 blocks Platform Curve 4 and 5 (2 PlatformTech, 2 PlatformDirt, 2 PlatformGrass, 2 PlatformIce, 2 PlatformPlastic).
  • 1 Pilar (DecoWallCurve5)

That’s about it. Enjoy the content, racers!

Source: Trackmania