Steam Summer Sale 2023 Day 3 Featured Games List for July 1

Valve has kicked off the Steam Summer Sale for this year! Once again, players can expect a host of discounted games. If you want to quickly check out the latest games added to the sale, which happens everyday as long as the sale is on-going, you’ve come to the right place!

Note that the discounts will remain the same throughout the sale, so you don’t need to wait for a featured deal before you buy a certain game.

Featured Deals

DOOM Eternal67%13.1917.6518.1313.1911.5449.17W
The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt70%11.9916.7917.998.997.4923.99W
Phantom Brigade25%22.4929.2432.9621.7418.7466.74W
Patch Quest40%8.9910.7912.598.996.5925.79W
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign50%22.4922.4932.9722.4918.9960.99W
Rain World60%9.9913.0014.609.808.3929.59W
Anno 180075%14.9919.9922.4814.9912.4944.99W
Risk of Rain 250%12.4914.4917.9712.499.9929.99W
Cassette Beasts20%15.9920.7923.6015.9913.4047.99W/L
Kingdom Come: Deliverance75%7.498.4910.737.496.2414.49W
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution25%29.9938.9943.8729.2422.4980.99W
Big Ambitions20%18.3923.9226.8618.3915.4554.45W/M
Have a Nice Death30%17.4920.9923.1017.4915.3943.39W
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition70%11.9914.3916.7911.9910.3135.99W/M
Don’t Starve Together66%5.095.777.315.093.739.51W/M/L
WWE 2K2335%38.9951.9958.4638.9932.49227.43W
The Great War: Western Front™25%26.2433.7438.2126.2422.4976.49W
Europa Universalis IV65%13.9917.4919.9313.9912.2437.79W/M/L
Jurassic World Evolution 275%14.9917.2421.2314.9912.4927.49W
Gal Guardians: Demon Purge20%19.9926.0029.2019.1917.1959.19W
Above Snakes20%19.9926.0029.2019.9916.7959.19W
DARK SOULS™ III50%29.9939.9942.4729.9919.99128.95W
Dead Cells50%12.4914.9917.9712.4910.9923.74W/M/L
TEKKEN 785%5.998.028.545.995.2424.37W
Sun Haven30%17.4920.2925.1614.6913.6433.24W/M
Graveyard Keeper65%6.999.0910.326.825.8620.99W/M/L
System Shock20%31.9944.0039.9631.9927.99159.20W
Back 4 Blood80%11.9915.9917.9911.999.9955.99W
Town of Salem 225%7.499.7410.877.316.3724.74W/M

We’ll be posting the sale during its entire duration so make sure to bookmark our Deals hub.

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