Scorn is Coming to PS5 Later This Year

Giger-inspired first-person horror game Scorn is making its way on to the PS5 some time in 2023.

Developer Ebb Software has announced that its H.R. Giger-inspired horror game, Scorn, is coming to the PS5. While there’s no release date for Scorn‘s PS5 release yet, the blog post making the announcement states that it is slated for “later this year”.

According to the announcement, Scorn will be making use of as many of the PS5’s features as it can, including the capabilities of the DualSense controller. The studio states that the controller’s haptics will allow Scorn to show off more of its immersive world design. Players will also feel the direction of different haptics depending on the hand being used.

Using different tools and weapons will have players interact with the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, which will give these items a sense of weight. And finally, the light bar on the controller will also work as an indicator of the player’s health.

Scorn was originally released back in October 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.