Alan Wake 2 Had Many Concepts, Current Game is the “Most Interesting and Ambitious” – Sam Lake

Creative director Sam Lake says the team created a new concept for Alan Wake 2 “between every game project we have made.”

It’s no secret that Remedy Entertainment wanted to make a sequel to Alan Wake. We’re finally getting one when Alan Wake 2 launches for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC as a digital-only title later this year. In a new Behind the Scenes developer diary, the team discusses their history with the series and the journey towards the sequel.

Throughout the years, Alan Wake 2 has seen several concepts. Creative director Sam Lake (also a writer on the first game) revealed, “Between every game project we have made, we have done a new concept of Alan Wake 2. It’s been frustrating through the years, not being able to get it started and be excited about it, and then it’s not happening.”

Lake believes the current game is by far “the most exciting, the most interesting and ambitious one out of all of those concepts” and is “really, really happy” that it’s being made instead of the earlier concepts. Alan Wake 2 sports two protagonists – the writer himself and Saga Anderson, an FBI agent who arrives in Bright Falls to investigate a supernatural case. Unsurprisingly, it involves Wake and his works.

After a point, players can freely switch between both characters at any time. The survival horror title launches on October 17th and will be over 20 hours long, though there will be plenty of replay value.