Scorn Surpasses 2 Million Players

Ebb Software’s long-in-development Giger-inspired horror game launched for Xbox Series X/S and PC in October last year.

Ebb Software’s H.R. Giger-inspired survival horror game Scorn was on many of our radars for a number of years, and after years of development (many of which saw nothing but radio silence from the developers), the game finally launched for Xbox Series X/S and PC last year.

And though Scorn might, by its very design, be a game that doesn’t necessarily have the most mass market appeal, what with its overwhelming atmosphere and how little it holds the player’s hand, it’s found plenty of success for itself nonetheless.

Taking to Twitter, developer Ebb Software recently announced that Scorn has been played by over two million players since its launch in October last year. The game has, of course, also been available via Game Pass since its release, so this doesn’t reflect its sales figures, but does give a good indication of how many players it’s attracted.

Scorn is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC, and is set to launch for PS5 sometime this year,