The Sims 5 Will Have New Customisation Options and Lighting Features

The Sims 5 will include some fancy new features, like in-depth lighting systems that allow for more customisation.

A new video released by the team working on The Sims 5—referred to internally as Project Rene—gives us our first look at some of the visual style and aesthetic we can expect from the next game in the franchise.

The video showcased prototype scenes, and developers spoke about making use of various tools and techniques, such as lighting and animations, to help make the world of The Sims 5 come alive. The studio is working on new lighting technologies that will bring more customisation options to the game.

The video also talks about the new socialisation systems in The Sims 5, with a complete overhaul planned for the game to help players better understand what their sims are talking about.

The Sims 5 was first unveiled as Project Rene back in 2022. While not too many details on the game were announced at the time, the studio did tease us about some of the customisation features that players wi ll have access to in the new title.

The game is currently still early in development, and we will likely see more details revealed as its development cycle continues.