Dragon Age: Dreadwolf – BioWare is Continuing to “Build, Polish, and Tune” the Game

The developer says it will have more to share on the long-awaited fourth instalment in its RPG franchise “soon”.

This December will mark five years since BioWare officially confirmed that it was working on the next Dragon Age game, but with those five years having been marked only by very brief updates on the game and little to no looks at actual gameplay, questions about what state development is in and how far from launch the game is have only increased in frequency.

In a recent blog update announcing a change in development plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare GM Gary McKay offered a brief update on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, confirming that the development team is continuing to “build, polish, and tune” the RPG, and that more details on it will be shared “soon”.

“For Dragon Age, we continue to build, polish, and tune an exceptional experience we know our fans will love. We can’t wait to share more on this soon,” he wrote.

Though we’ve officially known about the next Dragon Age game being in the works for quite some time, it was only about a year ago that BioWare officially unveiled its title. Later in the year, BioWare also released a brief animated cinematic that dove into the story of Solas, the titular Dreadwolf.

Earlier this year, early development footage for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf also leaked, revealing a new and overhauled combat system that will be more action-based, similar to the new God of War games. It has also previously been confirmed that the game will be set in the Tevinter Imperium.

Last October, BioWare confirmed that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf had hit the alpha development milestone, which meant it was playable from start to finish. How long it’ll be before the game actually launches remains to be seen, but EA has confirmed that it won’t be until after April next year.

Further out from Dragon Age, BioWare is also working on the next Mass Effect instalment, which is still in pre-production. Both Dragon Age and Mass Effect will be central to BioWare’s renewed focus on crafting “immersive, emotionally charged, single player games.”