The Callisto Protocol – Final Transmission DLC Early Access is Now Available on PS4 and PS5

Jacob Lee must traverse Black Iron Prison once more and face new threats, like Biophage-infected Security Robots and a new boss.

Striking Distance Studios’ first and only story DLC for The Callisto Protocol, Final Transmission, releases worldwide on June 29th. However, it’s currently available early for PS4 and PS5 players. Check out the launch trailer below.

The DLC picks up immediately after the end of the base game, with protagonist Jacob Lee fighting through Black Iron Prison to retrieve some data for Mahler, which could save them both. Along the way, he’ll fight new enemies, including Security Robots infected by the Biophage and two-headed monstrosities. There’s also a new boss who can alternate between melee and ranged attacks and has a unique ability.

To help turn the tide, players can utilize the new Kinetic Hammer. It’s more powerful than the Stun Baton, and charging the heavy melee attack deals area-of-effect damage.

The Callisto Protocol is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.