Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game Will Have Both First and Third Person Gameplay

A new leak has claimed that the MachineGames-developed title will have both first and third person gameplay sections.

It was announced over a couple of years ago that Wolfenstein developer MachineGames had started development on an Indiana Jones game, with Todd Howard of The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Starfield fame serving as executive producer on the project, but with the game having been in the very early stages of production at the time, details on what it will actually take shape as have been scant, if that.

For instance, will it be a first person game, which is what you’d expect from MachineGames, a studio that has been almost exclusively known for first person shooters in the past? Or will it be third person, which is what you’d expect from what will presumably an Uncharted-style action-adventure game and will star a recognizable cross-media character?

Apparently, it’ll be both. That’s according to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who recently said on the XboxEra Podcast that based on what he’s been told, the Indiana Jones title will be a combination of first and third person, with some sections of the game featuring first person gameplay, and some featuring third person gameplay.

Baker says he hasn’t been given the finer details on exactly how this will function, so it remains unknown whether this means the perspective switching will be scripted, or if it will happen based on specific gameplay activities. However, he does say that players won’t have the option to switch from one to the other on their own.

Baker also states that, given the fact that the game is still presumably in the relatively early stages of development, this may not necessarily be set in stone- though a combination of first and third person gameplay does seem to be the plan right now.

Recently, it was confirmed that the Indiana Jones game will be exclusive to Xbox and PC, and launch day one for Game Pass.