Payday 3 is Only on Current-Gen Consoles to “Create the Best Version of the Game” – Starbreeze

Players must also sign up for Starbreeze Nebula for cross-progression since it maintains a “single community across all platforms.”

Amid all of the big titles revealed in the past several weeks is Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 3. The eagerly awaited follow-up in the co-op heist shooter series is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS5. In a new developer diary, executive producer Craig MacLeod said the team is committed to ensuring “all of our releases are across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X and S.”

Of course, there’s a reason why the team is skipping Xbox One and PS4 with the sequel. “The reason is because we realize that to create the best version of the game that we could, we want to be on the latest technology.” It hasn’t yet outlined how the current-gen consoles help in that endeavor, but we should learn more in the coming months.

However, to enable cross-progression, players must sign up for Starbreeze Nebula. “By having our accounts tie things together, we’re able to have an easy first step to enable things like cross-progression that might otherwise need complicated solutions to work.” It also helps to maintain a “single community across all platforms instead of dividing people who, in essence, are all fans of the same game.”

The team acknowledges some apprehension about signing up for a new service but reiterates “that we’re here to build something beautiful over a long period. And to do that, you need to set the proper technical foundation to achieve that.”

Payday 3 launches on September 21st. For more details on the new mechanics, like exchanging hostages to receive more time or more opportunities for stealth,