Overwatch 2: Invasion – Story and Event Missions Revealed in New Livestream

Check out scenes from the paid Story Missions in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Gothenburg and the co-op Event Mission on King’s Row.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 courted severe controversy recently when it cancelled its PvE-focused Hero Mode and nixed Talent Trees. However, it does have three Story Missions and a co-op Event Mission coming later this year in Season 6: Invasion. In a new livestream, the development team discussed the content and showcased cutscenes and gameplay from the same.

The Story Missions take place in Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg and Toronto. Gothenburg is interesting because it shows Brigitte in the fight as a giant Null Sector enemy drops from the skies and wreaks havoc. There’s also the tease of a super-weapon made by Torbjorn which could turn the tide. As for the co-op Event Missions, they can either follow the canon story or go outside of it.

The first Event Mission, “Underworld”, set on the unexplored parts of King’s Row, sees Tracer working to save her friend. There are multiple difficulties for these types of Missions, with high replay value promised.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 goes live on August 10th, but you’ll need to pay at least $15 for the Invasion Story Missions (which are permanent additions to the game).