Sea of Stars Demo is Available Now on PC

First available for Nintendo Switch last February, the demo showcases the gameplay mechanics without spoiling the story.

After announcing that Sea of Stars was content-complete, Sabotage Studio has released a free demo for the upcoming RPG on PC. Though technically part of the Steam Next Fest, the demo will be available even after the event ends on June 26th.

The demo is the same one that Nintendo Switch players received back in February with some “minor updates.” It showcases some gameplay mechanics and systems centered on combat and dungeon exploration. The overall tone of the adventure is revealed without any plot points or story spoilers provided.

Sea of Stars launches on August 29th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s also releasing day one on Game Pass. As a prequel to The Messenger, the studio’s previous game, and sees Valere and Zale wielding magical powers to combat The Fleshmancer, an evil alchemist. Its gameplay, presentation and visuals pay homage to the classic role-playing games of yore.