Valheim Public Test Version Gets New Difficulty Options

Valheim players can now tinker with their servers’ difficulty settings with the latest update now available in the public test version.

Developer Iron Gate has released a new update for the public test version of Valheim, bringing with it a host of new difficulty options for players. As a result of the update, players will now find extra difficulty options, allowng them to mix and match difficulty modifiers in their Valheim servers.

At its simplest level, players can essentially raise the health and damage of enemies by raising the difficulty, and similarly, lower enemy health and damage by lowering the difficulty. There are also options that allow players to focus entirely on the base-building aspects of Valheim rather than having to take part in the game’s combat.

Lead developer of Valheim, Jonathan Smårs, had spoken about the new difficulty options coming to the game back in April. Smårs also spoke about how the difficulty options would work, and how the game would also be getting a new Hardcore mode with combat difficulty set at its hardest.

Back in May, the studio had released a statement talking about mod support for Valheim, and how it does not condone locking mods behind pay walls as it would go “against the creative and open spirit of modding itself”.