Diablo 4 Will Change How Gems Are Found and Stored in Inventories by Season 2

Diablo 4 will be changing up how gems are found and stored, but not any time soon.

Blizzard has revealed that it has plans to reduce the inventory clutter faced by many Diablo 4 players, especially as they get later into the game and start engaging with more of the endgame systems. In a livestreamed panel dubbed Campfire Chat, game director Joe Shely revealed plans to help players by changing the way how gems in the game work.

“There are many colors of Gems, there are many qualities of Gems, and this can have the effect of taking up lots of inventory space,” said Shely.

One of the biggest causes for inventories filling up is because players will often find themselves picking up various gems of varying levels of quality, which can then be upgraded and socketed into their gear. Gems often have the potential for taking up the most space through any dungeon run.

Shely explains that Blizzard is looking at changing how players acquire gems to begin with, and to change how gems are stored, moving them away from the inventory and into the materials and currencies tab.

“The idea is to change the way you acquire Gems so they are a shelf in your materials or currency tab, rather than your inventory,” said Shely. “The way that would work is you go to craft your Gem in the same way you do today and you just use a certain amount of that material.”

However, Shely has not given a timeline on when this feature would make its way into Diablo 4. The studio is still focused on releasing smaller patches to tune the game’s balance, especially as the title is leading up to the start of its first season. Shely states that the studio is looking to bring this new feature to Diablo 4 in season two, which would put it a few months away.

Diablo 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.