Metaphor: ReFantazio is Also Coming to PS4, PS5 and Steam

After its announcement for Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Windows Store, Sega Korea confirmed other platforms in a now-deleted tweet.

Atlus may have had announcements like Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica leak beforehand, but it had a bombshell for the Xbox Games Showcase. Project Re Fantasy was revealed and re-named as Metaphor: ReFantazio. It’s releasing next year for Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Windows Store.

However, thanks to a now-deleted tweet from Sega Korea, it’s confirmed that the title is also coming to PS4, PS5 and Steam. Gematsu has a mirror to the same announcement trailer, which confirms PlayStation and Steam releases for the end. Considering the upcoming Persona titles were also confirmed for other platforms, it’s hardly surprising.

Almost nothing is known about Metaphor: ReFantazio, though its Xbox Store page confirms its set in “an anguished kingdom” that “stands on a precipice.” It will have players “forging bonds with friends and transforming those bonds into strength,” which doesn’t sound too dissimilar to Persona’s Social Links. Director Katsura Hashino didn’t add much but promised a “fantasy experience unlike any other.”