Diablo 4 “Casual” Stream Coming to Address Some “Hot Topics” – Series GM

Diablo series general manager Rod Fergusson is seemingly aware of mixed reactions to Elite monster density nerf in Dungeons.

While Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 4 has seen great success (over $666 million in revenue in five days), there’s a bit of unrest in the community. The various nerfs to meta builds like Whirlwind Barbarian, Twisting Blades Rogue and Pulverize Druid were mostly justified, as was the nerf to Elite monsters spawning in higher numbers for some Dungeons.

However, its recent hotfix has nerfed Elite monster density to standardize it for all Dungeons. It ensures that no single dungeon is “more efficient to run through than others.” Some players are unhappy about this, and Diablo series general manager Rod Fergusson seems aware.

In a new tweet to Adam Fletcher, global community development director for Diablo, he said, “I’m getting lots of questions from players, and so was thinking we should do some kind of casual stream this week where we can talk about some of the hot topics.” Fletcher replied, “Sounds like we be streamin’. Lots to talk about!”

However, Fergusson indicated this isn’t a “Developer Update” livestream. “I think you need to rebrand these where we’re just, you know, chatting as opposed to making some big official announcements. So instead of a big ‘Developer Update’, maybe something more casual?”

While there’s no indication that they’ll address the Elite monster density reduction, there are other topics. The pinning system, the lack of a map overlay and the high Gold costs in the end-game is certainly worth addressing.

Stay tuned in the meantime. Diablo 4 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.