Immortals of Aveum – Combat, Magic, and Exploration Showcased in Extensive Gameplay

Gameplay is from Chapters 3 and 8 of the shooter’s campaign, captured during the recent Summer Game Fest Play Days event.

Immortals of Aveum from Ascendant Studios, published under the EA Originals label, received a new trailer at the Summer Game Fest Showcase. However, if you’ve been hoping for more extensive footage, there’s a 42-minute gameplay video available from Gamer’s Little Playground on YouTube, captured from the Summer Game Fest Play Days event. Check it out below.

The gameplay is from Chapter 3, with tips about the different kinds of Magic and matching Colors to foes. Chapter 8 is revealed in the second half and showcases “The Hand of Sandrakk” mission, as Jak must reach the Leyline Tower, engaging in some platforming and combat.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the magical first-person shooter, which aims to take 20 to 25 hours for the story. Plenty of optional paths and hidden content are also present for those taking their time. Immortals of Aveum is out on July 20th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, costing $70 for the Standard Edition.