Overwatch 2 Season 5 Trailer Debuts, Showcases New Mode and Summer Games

The new season begins on June 13th, and features a mini-narrative in the Premium Battle Pass, the return of On-Fire and more.

Season 5 of Overwatch 2 starts on June 13th, and the first gameplay trailer has debuted, showcasing all the content players can expect. First up is the new Mythic skin, Mythic Adventurer Tracer, which evolves as one progresses through the Premium Battle Pass, which is laid out like a narrative called Questwatch. Check it out below.

Players can indulge in a new PvE-style mode called “Defeat the Demon Lord,” and a new mode, “Mischief and Magic,” goes live on July 25th. The latter is essentially Prop Hunt, with players morphing into different props to hide. The Summer Games event returns on July 11th and features the return of Lucio Ball and a new activity Winston’s Beach Volleyball.

Other new features include the return of On-Fire, Competitive Mystery Heroes and more. A new animated short will also release in-game on August 4th, likely to set up Invasion, which goes live on August 10th and adds the first batch of PvE story missions.