Exoprimal – Opening Mission, Progression and More Detailed in New 35 Minute Walkthrough

Director Hiraoka Takuro details the core gameplay loop, how players progress through the story, War Chests, modules, and more.

After the reveal of an upcoming Street Fighter collaboration, Capcom’s Exoprimal has received a new, extensive developer walkthrough. The 35-minute video sees director Hiraoka Takuro outlining the opening mission, which sees the Leviathan AI sending players back in time, and how progression works. Check it out below.

When completing a round of Dino Survival, the story will progress, with players gaining Lost Data. The Access Map becomes available, where players can track various mysteries, like what’s happening on Bikitoa Island and why Leviathan is hosting war games. Interestingly, it’s implied that there are multiple periods to visit.

As you level up, you get War Chests containing cosmetics like exosuit skins, weapon skins, emotes, etc. Exosuits level up separately and can unlock new modules (though you need to spend BikCoins to use them). Each suit can equip up to three modules, and BikCoins are used to level up a module, making their conditions easier to trigger.

Modules can range from extra health to damage increases, but there are suit-specific modules which grant unique abilities. For example, Deadeye has Shot Grenade, increasing grenade speed and lowering trajectory while increasing damage on direct hits.

Exoprimal launches on July 14th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC (while also launching on Game Pass). Pre-orders also get three custom suits for Witchdoctor, Deadeye and Roadblock. Stay tuned for more details at the Capcom Showcase on June 12th.