Minecraft Gets Archeology, Cherry Blossoms With New Trails and Tales Update, Out Now

Minecraft’s newest update, Trails and Tales, brings new mechanics and blocks to the game, and is out now on all platforms.

Minecraft‘s newest update, Trails and Tales, is now live. The update is available for free on every platform that runs Minecraft. Check out the launch trailer for the update below.

Over the last few months, developer Mojang has revealed several details about the Trails and Tales update, which is slated to bring a host of new features to the game, including a new archeology mechanic and the Sniffer mob which will work hand in hand.

For the builders out there, Trails and Tales will bring a host of new blocks and materials to Minecraft, including bamboo and cherry wood sets. Some of the things players can build with the new materials are new furniture, as well as a bamboo raft. The presence of Cherry wood also brings with it the addition of a rare new biome featuring cherry blossoms.

The update also brings smaller things to Minecraft, such as the ability to hang signs wherever they might want. Along with helping players make navigation in their worlds easier, the signs can also be used for mischief, since they allow players to add playable mob sounds.