Alan Wake 2 Uncut Gameplay Features Saga Anderson and Combat

New playable character Saga Anderson investigates the woods in pursuit of a lead and encounters an axe-wielding foe in the darkness.

Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake took the stage at the Summer Game Fest Showcase for extended gameplay of Alan Wake 2. The survival horror title focuses on two playable characters – the returning Alan Wake and newcomer Saga Anderson, an FBI agent. It starts with the latter outside of Bright Falls at Cauldron Lake to investigate a murder victim resurrected as a monster.

Along with a flashlight, Saga has a Service Pistol for attacking. Upon investigating an abandoned building, a different foe emerges, wielding an axe. She can dodge, which makes survival somewhat easier and focus her flashlight on parts of the environment for clues.

While Wake seeks to escape the Dark Place, Saga investigates ritualistic murders in Bright Falls before becoming entangled in a new nightmare. While the player can switch between Saga and Alan at different points, you can stick to a single character till the end.

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 17th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Epic Games Store.