Halo Infinite Career Ranks Detailed, Similar to Master Chief Collection’s Progression

Players will earn Ranks in different tiers, which are further divided into Grades, and can progress through matchmade activities.

Halo Infinite’s next season, Infection, arrives on June 20th and features new maps along with the return of the Infection game mode. However, it also brings Career Ranks, a new progression system for players to reflect on their time playing. In a new post, 343 Industries has outlined what to expect.

If you’ve played Halo: Reach or Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Infinite’s Career Ranks will look familiar. There are multiple tiers like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc., with different Ranks like Cadet and General, followed by incremental Grades. So if you’re Bronze Private Grade 1, you’ll rank up to Bronze Private Grade 2 and 3 before graduating to Bronze Lance Corporal Grade 1.

Career Ranks are displayed in a player’s profile, during the intro to matches, in their nameplate and the Post-Game Carnage Report when inspecting someone. Depending on your Rank, different emblems and nameplates are available to equip.

Unfortunately, for those who have been with the game since the beginning, Career Ranks won’t track your time spent thus far – only from June 20th. Custom Games, Forge and the Academy don’t provide progress – only matchmade activities. However, there are no skill requirements, and Career Ranks aren’t tied to the Battle Pass, nor will they reset each season.

Stay tuned for more details on Season 4: Infection in the coming weeks.