Phantom Blade Zero Won’t Have Microtransactions

Developer S-Game also confirms that though the action RPG will feature Soulslike elements, it won’t lean too hard on difficulty.

Sony’s recent PlayStation Showcase may not have met expectations for a great many people, but it did feature a number eye-catching announcements nonetheless, with one in particular that turned many heads being S-Game’s action RPG Phantom Blade Zero. Since the game’s reveal, the developer has ben sharing new details on what players can expect from the title upon its launch, and recently had a few more tidbits to share on its Discord channel, as caught by MP1st.

The one detail that the developer revealed that’ll be universally pleasing is that though Phantom Blade Zero will feature a multiplayer component alongside its beefy single player campaign, the game won’t make use of microtransactions whatsoever, so you can expect everything from cosmetics to new equipment to be unlocked exclusively through gameplay.

Meanwhile, the developer also said that though Phantom Blade Zero is set to feature a few Soulslike elements, it won’t be leaning too heavily into the kind of difficulty one would ordinarily expect from that particular genre, and will instead take a much less punishing approach. Additionally, support for the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers is also confirmed.

Phantom Blade Zero is in development for PS5 and PC. It doesn’t yet have a release date.