Alone in the Dark Dev – “Series Newcomers Can Enjoy the Story Without Any Need of Prior Knowledge”

However, those who remember the original story will “find a lot of hints and references” and “a couple of surprises.”

Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 are still fresh in our minds, and Silent Hill 2 and Alan Wake 2 are on the horizon, so clearly, there’s no shortage of major survival horror games for fans of the genre to dive into. Another upcoming title that’s caught the eye of many is Pisces Interactive and THQ Nordic’s Alone in the Dark, a reimagining of the first game and a long-awaited return for the classic horror franchise.

It is, however, a franchise that has been dormant for quite some time, which means there’s going to be plenty of players who’ll be jumping into the upcoming instalment with little to no familiarity with what’s preceded it. And according to producer Andreas Schmiedecker, that’s not going to be an issue.

Speaking in a recent interview with MP1st, Schmiedecker said that though those who’re familiar with the original game will find “a lot of hints and references” along with “a couple of surprises”, players who have no knowledge of the original will still be able to enjoy the upcoming reboot.

“While we play a lot with elements and characters from the 1992 game and our story starts a lot like the original, we actually have a unique story that takes the original’s premise to all new places,” said Schmiedecker. “If you remember the original story, you’ll find a lot of hints and references, but also a couple of surprises; while new players will get to enjoy the story without the need for any prior knowledge.”

Alone in the Dark is set to launch on October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A free playable prologue, Alone in the Dark: Prologue, is currently available on all platforms.