Destiny 2 Update is Live With Supremacy and Salvage Fixes, Exotic Armor Focusing Changes

The Exotic armor obtained from Focusing at Rahool will now have similar stats to those obtained from random world drops.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 has received a new update with various fixes. The biggest is for Exotic Armor Focusing, where Exotics will now have similar stats to those obtained from drops. With the fixes made to prevent lower stat rolls from dropping, it should now be worth focusing on your Exotic of choice.

Cenotaph Mask, the Exotic Warlock helm, should also have the correct description. Supremacy should also be fixed so that everyone isn’t hearing all the Crest pick-up sounds. Trials of Osiris players should also note that the Unexpected Resurgence Glaive now has Swashbuckler and Voltshot on the right column, while Impulse Amplifier is on the left trait column.

For PvE, an issue that caused players to disconnect during a boss fight in Salvage has been fixed. Bungie has also provided an update to the two-second delay where one’s weapon couldn’t be fired when swapped from the inventory screen. It’s now about one second.

Destiny 2 Update



  • Fixed an issue where all players could hear all Crest pick-up sounds in the game mode Supremacy.


  • Fixed an issue causing players to lose connection to the activity during the Boss encounter.

Guardian Ranks

  • Fixed an issue in which the Champ title was not counting for progress related to Guardian Ranks objectives.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Rank 7 objective Centrifuse was not progressing when using the weapon in PvP.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Exotic armor focused at Rahool now has similar stats to dropped Exotic armor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Exotic Warlock helm Cenotaph Mask didn´t have the correct description.


  • The two second window where a weapon cannot be fired after swapping to it from the inventory screen was reduced to ~1 second.
  • Reduced the size and intensity of the muzzle flash on the Perpetualis Auto Rifle.
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Decider did not have firing audio.
  • Trials Glaive Unexpected Resurgence:
    – Moved Impulse Amplifier from the right trait column to the left.
    – Added Swashbuckler and Voltshot to the right trait column.


  • Fixed an issue where Hunters could lose their Suspending Slam after being revived.

Bounties and Pursuits

  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to progress the Into the Depths pursuit due to the H.E.L.M. portal not appearing.