Fable Reveal Potentially Being Teased for Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox’s Twitter account might be teasing a Fable reveal for the upcoming showcase, going by a recent tweet.

Since its announcement with a CG trailer nearly three years ago, we haven’t heard a peep about Fable out of Microsoft or developer Playground Games, and it’s one of several first party Xbox titles that find themselves in that position. Fans of the long-dormant franchise have been getting increasingly anxious about the state of the project and how development is coming along, and with the Xbox Games Showcase right around the corner, many are beginning to hope that the RPG finally makes an appearance.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft might be teasing that that will indeed happen. The official Twitter account recently published a tweet hyping up the upcoming showcase, also accompanying it with a small clip that shows a trail of glitter leading to a screen that displays the Xbox Games Showcase logo. What’s caught the eye of many is the fact that the background music used in the clip originates from the original Fable, while some have also pointed out that the trail of glitter looks reminiscent of the glowing breadcrumb trail featured in Fable games.

So is Microsoft teasing a Fable reveal, or is this just long suffering fans of the franchise grabbing onto any morsel that looks even remotely like signs pointing to an incoming update? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, with the Xbox Games Showcase set for June 13.

Earlier this year, it was claimed in reports that Playground Games’ Fable reboot was taking inspiration from the Witcher games, and that it was still “a long way off” from release. It’s previously also been reported that the game is receiving development support from Deus Ex and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy developer Eidos Montreal.