Minecraft’s Trails and Tales Update Gets June 7 Release Date

Minecraft’s Trails and Tales update, which brings with it several new features, finally has a release date on all platforms.

Developer Mojang has announced that the next major update for Minecraft, titled Trails and Tales, will be released on June 7. The update will be available for free, and the studio has published a blog post detailing some of the features of the upcoming update.

Some of the new additions to Minecraft with the update will be the introduction of two new full wood sets—bamboo and cherry. Some of the things players can build with these new sets include a bamboo raft, and other new furniture. Cherry wood also brings with it a rare new biome featuring cherry blossoms.

The Trails and Tales update features several other features, such as the introduction of the new Sniffer mob, which will have players finding eggs of the once-extinct creature that they can then see hatch into a small Snifflet that will eventually grow up. The Sniffer ties into the new archeology feature, which will have players dig around to find ruins, and use their new brush tool to discover treasure.

Players will also be able to hang signs wherever they might want. Alongside acting as a great way to help friends with navigating through your Minecraft world, the signs will also allow players to add playable mob sounds, bringing with it the potential for some mischief along the way.