Quantum Error Still Due Out This Year, Development is Almost Done

Developer TeamKill Media says it will be showing “a lot” of the cosmic horror shooter “fairly soon”.

It’s been a while since we last saw Quantum Error, but developer TeamKill Media has been sharing bits and pieces of information on the cosmic horror shooter over the last few weeks, having confirmed features such as New Game Plus and a third person toggle. But when exactly can we expect more substantial updates on the game?

Apparently, it won’t be too long. Responding to a question on Twitter, TeamKill Media confirmed that Quantum Error is still targeting a 2023 launch, as previously announced, and that the project is close to wrapping up development. The studio also says it will be showing “a lot” of the game “fairly soon”. With a number of major events and showcases lined up for the coming weeks, one would assume that a new trailer won’t be far away.

Quantum Error is set to launch first on PS5, with an Xbox Series X/S version following later. TeamKill Media will also be releasing a “downgraded” version of the game for PS4 at some point down the line.