Destiny 2: Season of the Deep is Available Now on Xbox

  • Get ready for a brand-new Seasonal story and venture into the depths of Titan’s methane seas.
  • Unlock new Legendary cosmetics, weapons, Exotic items, and more.
  • Dive into a new six-player activity, Salvage, or enjoy a serene fishing spot.

Bungie’s second Season in the year of Lightfall launched on Tuesday, May 23. In Season of the Deep, Guardians will be traveling to Saturn’s moon of Titan to explore its uncharted oceans for powerful new rewards and to learn more about the Witness’s origin.

The Season contains a hefty bundle of new content which includes weekly missions, a new matchmade activity, as well as new Exotics and Legendary weapons and armor, ornaments, and a collection of cosmetics inspired by iconic video game characters like Kratos, Aloy, Jin, and more.

Let’s start with the weekly missions.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive is the weekly Seasonal story activity, where Guardians can explore the methane seas of Titan to salvage the power they need to communicate with Ahsa, the creature that lingers in the Titan’s depths.


For the Guardians interested in matchmaking for quick games and unpredictable encounters, Season of the Deep features the six-player activity, Salvage.

When playing a Salvage, players will recover Golden Age tech from sunken Arcology structures on the Titan seafloor. They’ll face Fallen, Hive, and Taken combatants. There’s no recommended Power level, so anyone with the Season Pass can jump in and get started. Salvage runs are fast and furious, lasting around 15 minutes, and feel inspired by the Dares of Eternity activity from the Bungie 30th Anniversary Collection.

Both Deep Dives and Salvages are great action-packed ways to take your new Legendary weapons and armor out for a spin, but maybe sometimes you’re in the mood to relax. Good thing Destiny 2 now has fishing.


The Drifter has noticed that the corruption on Titan is starting to spread to life forms elsewhere and, thanks to some of his special Gambit tech, Guardians can fish up some of the corrupted critters around the solar system. The debut of this Destiny 2 activity includes multiple destinations where players can catch unique fish that they’ll be able to display in their new fishing tank located in the H.E.L.M.

When Guardians are done taking a break, they can swap their waders and fishing poles out for some of the new Exotics being added to the game.


For anyone new to Destiny 2, Exotic items are some of the most rare and powerful items in the game. Exotic weapons will often have abilities not found on any other weapons, and the same goes for armor. Many Guardians will create entire builds centered around one or two specific Exotics. Along with the new Seasonal Exotic weapon, Season of the Deep is introducing three new armor pieces; one for each class.

  • Triton Vice: When wearing these Gauntlets, a Hunter’s Glaive comes alive with power and overflows with each foe they dispatch. Matching subclass and Glaive elements cause projectile eliminations to detonate.
  • Arbor Warden: With this new chest piece, Titans are empowered to create grenades fueled by the Traveler’s Light. When thrown, these grenades explode and create a barricade at the impact location.
  • Cenotaph Mask: With this Warlock helmet, Trace Rifles automatically reload and mark combatants. Allies who assist in eliminating these targets are rewarded with Heavy ammo.

And about that Seasonal Exotic weapon, the Centrifuse Exotic Auto Rifle allows its wielder to build an electrostatic charge while they sprint or fire the weapon. When they reload, the weapon releases the charge and blinds nearby enemies. Centrifuse is unlocked immediately for anyone picking up the Season Pass. Once you hit level 100, you also unlock a really cool cosmetic.

Speaking of cosmetics…

New Cosmetics, Legendary Weapons, and Armor

These Exotics are complimented by new Legendary weapons and armor that continue the Season’s deep sea theme. All these new rewards, along with new universal ornaments, can be acquired simply by playing the game. They’ll drop in activities and unlock as you progress through the Season Pass.

Destiny 2 Screenshot

But wait, there’s more.

PlayStation Partnership

Bungie has partnered with PlayStation to bring new armor ornament sets and finishers that pay homage to three iconic video game characters: Kratos, Aloy, and Jin Sakai. There’s also a Clicker-inspired collection that includes a Ghost Shell, a Sparrow, and a ship.

Finally, if Guardians are looking to lighten the mood when someone climbs on their Cordyceps- infested Sparrow, there’s a bright emote inspired by the fun-loving pair of universe explorers, Ratchet & Clank.

Start Playing for Free

To get started, download Destiny 2 for free, pick a class, customize your Guardian, and jump into the story. It only takes a few minutes to hit the ground running and if you like what you see, you can try the first mission of the Season for free as well.

Like what you see and want to explore the new Season? Grab the Season Pass for your platform of choice and the next three months of content, along with the instantly unlocked Seasonal Exotic, are yours to enjoy.

See you starside (and under the sea).

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep Interview

Destiny 2 Screenshot

Xbox Wire’s Danielle Partis had a chance to catch up with Design Lead Brian Frank and Senior Narrative Designer Robert Brookes for a deep dive into Destiny 2: Season of the Deep to learn more about the sorts of enemies and encounters Guardians will face, the challenge of balancing difficulty, and what sort of secrets players should keep an eye out for while exploring Titan’s uncharted oceans.