Alone in the Dark Features Exclusive Levels for Each Protagonist, Ray Tracing Not Planned

Depending on who players control, they’ll see different parts of the manor and reactions from NPCs reflected in the cutscenes.

Pieces Interactive’s Alone in the Dark reboot releases on October 25th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It features two playable characters – Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby, who investigate Derceto Manor to search for her uncle. Each character has a unique perspective on the story and elicits different reactions from the characters.

However, they each also have exclusive content. In a roundtable interview with various publications (transcript via Gematsu), publisher THQ Nordic told ComingSoon and Daniel D, “Emily and Edward are very different characters and have different relations to the plot.

“While Edward is more of a hired gun who learns step by step how the mystery of Derceto is related to him, Emily has a more personal connection to the plot as she needs to find her uncle and deal with the strange affliction called ‘The Hartwood Curse.’ All this will be reflected in the cutscenes the player gets to see and the reactions from the different NPCs you meet.

“Additionally, the player will see exclusive levels and parts of the mansion depending on your chosen protagonist. So it’s a great incentive to play through the game more than once.”

It also confirmed to 3D Juegos that ray tracing isn’t planned. “Concerning the full game: We’re currently not planning ray tracing support and still working on the exact technical details.” Stay tuned for more details on PC requirements in the coming months, along with information on the resolution and frame rate for consoles.

In the meantime, Alone in the Dark Prologue is free on Steam, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store. Set before the main game, it features Grace Saunders as she ventures through a section of Derceto Manor to deliver a letter to Emily Hartwood.