Street Fighter 6 – Dee Jay and E. Honda Star in New Character Guide Videos

Use feints to trick opponents and control the flow of battle with Dee Jay, or press forward with hard-hitting slaps and kicks as E. Honda.

Fresh off of Character Guides videos for Ryu, Kimberly, Luke, Juri and Ken in Street Fighter 6, Capcom has released two more. This time, the focus is on Dee Jay and E. Honda. Check them out below.

Dee Jay is a Jamaican kickboxer and breakdancer specializing in feints and determining a battle’s pace. You can feint with a projectile to have your opponent jump in, then nail them with a high kick, or feint a sweep and throw them. Jus Cool is a back hop that can transition into various moves to keep your opponent guessing.

Meanwhile, E. Honda is a Sumo wrestler who catches enemies off guard with slaps and kicks. He can leap into the air to slam down or transition into his bread-and-butter multi-palm strike. There’s also Sumo Dash, used to move in and set up combos.

Street Fighter 6 is out on June 2nd for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. A demo is available on all platforms with a peek at World Tour and a few characters.