Tin Hearts is a Puzzle Adventure Game with a Focus on Narrative and Adorable Toy Soldiers, Out Now on PC and Consoles

Narrative-focused puzzle adventure game Tin Hearts is out now on PC, and just about every console you can get your hands on.

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Rogue Sun have announced that narrative puzzle-based adventure game Tin Hearts is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Celebrating the release of the game is a new launch trailer, which you can check out below.

Tin Hearts revolves around players solving puzzles that grow in complexity and difficulty as the game goes on. It also features a story described by the developers as “deeply emotional”, spanning over generations.

In terms of gameplay, players will guide a troop of tin soldiers through a toy-filled world. Players will be able to make use of a variety of contraptions ot bounce, shoot, and glide their soldiers to their ultimate goal.

Tin Hearts features over 50 levels, and over the course of the game will be able to explore the game’s world to discover more of its story, and even unlock the ability to control different objects in the world, from wooden blocks to toy trains. Players can also link objects together to build new paths to get to their goal.