V Rising – Secrets of Gloomrot is Out Now, Launch Trailer Revealed

Battle new bosses and enemies, add floors and new decorations to your castle, explore the new Gloomrot region, and much more.

Stunlock Studios’ first major post-launch update for V Rising is now available. Secrets of Gloomrot adds a new biome, extends building privileges for castles with multiple floors, and expands several current areas like Quartz Mine, Glass Factory and more.

The expansion-level update also adds Legendary Weapons, revamps Spells and provides Jewels to customize them, new weapon types, and even more combat options. It wouldn’t be much fun without new enemies to test them on, so Secrets of Gloomrot also boasts 30 new enemy types and ten new bosses. For base-building fans, there are new decorations and structures to play with.

Secrets of Gloomrot is one of three major updates for the survival action RPG. The next update doesn’t have a release date but will likely mark the game’s exit from early access. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the meantime.