Splatoon 3 – Sizzle Season 2023 Starts June 1st, Adds New Stages and Weapons

A new Salmon Run stage, Jammin’ Salmon Junction, Tableturf Battle cards, Challenges and new clothing catalogs are also coming.

Nintendo has unveiled the next season of Splatoon 3, focusing on the sizzle of Summer. Sizzle Season 2023 starts June 1st and adds a brand-new multiplayer stage, Barnacle and Dime. Splatoon 2’s Humpback Pump Track also returns. Check it out below.

Two new Main Weapons are also coming. The Painbrush is a roller-type that also works as a melee weapon that splashes Ink on surrounding foes. The S Blast ’92 is based on the Super Scope accessory and seems capable of extra damage on headshots. Tableturf Battle gets 11 new cards like the Heavy Splatling Deco, Custom Dualie Squelchers, Light Tetra Dualies, S Blast ’92 and Painbrush.

On the Salmon Run front, there’s a new stage called Jammin’ Salmon Junction. There are also new catalogs of clothing and Challenges, which appear to be modes with modifiers, like Foggy Notion, where a fog enshrouds the area, and Too Many Trizookas, where everyone has a Trizooka.