WrestleQuest Delayed to Summer for Consoles and PC

Mega Cat Studios will announce a new release date for the wrestling RPG later this month. A demo is available for PC via Steam.

Mega Cat Studios’ WrestleQuest, a role-playing game with elements of pro-wrestling, has been delayed. Instead of May, it’s launching this Summer for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Announcing the delay on Twitter, the developer revealed that WrestleQuest has been in the works for four years with a “200,000-plus original word count.” En route to its original release month, it “secured a new partnership we are extremely excited about,” but this “resulted in certain issues outside our control. As such, we wanted to get an update out to everyone that has continued to wave their foam fingers in anticipation.”

After discussing it with Skybound Games, it decided to delay the game. A new release date will be announced later this month. “While we are disappointed that we couldn’t share the entirety of WrestleQuest with you sooner like we hoped, we firmly believe this is the right choice with respect to our players and the sweat, sweat, and more sweat we have poured into building the best game we have ever made. We can’t wait to get your hands on it!”

In the meantime, Mega Cat Studios has performed “multiple focus groups” and gathered “hours of playtesting feedback to get the game to style and profile.” It also revamped the user interface, updated the world map, enhanced the visuals, further balanced the game and added accessibility options. You can check out all these improvements in the latest demo, live as part of the Steam Sports Fest until May 22nd.

The full game will have over 50 hours of content, which the team is eager to share with the world.