The King of Fighters 15 – Sylvie Paula Paula’s Moves Detailed in New Video

The Season 2 DLC character arrives on May 16th and can deliver fast combos, quick long-range attacks and Command Throws.

SNK confirmed that its next DLC character for The King of Fighters 15, Sylvie Paula Paula, would arrive on May 16th. It’s now released a new character breakdown trailer, discussing her moves and play style before her release tomorrow. Check it out below.

As an electrokinesis user, Sylvie can manipulate electricity with her mind. It’s handy when battering opponents at range from special moves like Thunderous Drip!, which can be immediately followed up on as it’s traveling to the opponent. She can also use Magne-Missile! to get close, bouncing off an enemy to recover.

For following up on moves that don’t usually allow for the same, Magneto-Trap! is a good Super Special Move. Whether you’re attacking from range or jumping in with a jumping-high punch, Command Throws and other moves, Sylvie has quite the repertoire.

The King of Fighters 15 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.