DOOM 2 RPG Has Been Ported to PC

DOOM 2 RPG is now finally playable on PC. Originally released for iOS devices, the game hasn’t been playable for a few years.

Developer has announced that it has ported the long-lost DOOM 2 RPG to PC. Originally released for iPhone and iPod Touch back in early 2010, the game has been lost to time for quite some time. The PC version of DOOM 2 RPG features a custom control scheme to make the transition from its touchscreen roots to modern keyboard and mouse setups easier.

DOOM 2 RPG, and its predecessor DOOM RPG, are unique entries in the franchise for forgoing fast-paced first-person action combat to instead feature a turn-based combat system akin to classic first-person dungeon crawling games.

The events of DOOM 2 RPG take place a year after the events of the original DOOM. Its story focuses on two space marines and a scientist who are investigating a research facility that has been infested by demons on the Earth’s moon.

If you want to try out DOOM 2 RPG, you’ll have to get your hands on the original “DOOM 2 RPG.ipa” file, which can be picked up from the Web Archive’s software section. The game also needs OpenAL files, which can be picked up from the official website.