Humanity Gameplay Video Sets up the Mysteries of its Story Mode

Story Mode will feature over 90 stages, and will put a greater emphasis on story than one might expect from a puzzle game.

In the lead-up to Humanity’s imminent launch, developer THA Limited and publisher Enhance have revealed quite a bit about its action-puzzle gameplay through lengthy gameplay videos. Another new gameplay video has now been released, though this time, the focus is squarely on Humanity’s Story Mode and the mysteries it will become.

Apparently putting a greater emphasis on story than one might expect from a puzzle game, Humanity’s Story Mode will see players waking up as a glowing Shiba Inu, with a voice telling you to guide hordes of mindless humans to the light. That voice, interestingly enough, apparently comes from giant, hovering, shining balls, which are entities known as Cores. Each Core has a series of trials for players, and collectively, the Cores are trying to rebuild humanity bit by bit.

Clearly, there’s plenty going on, and Story Mode will be focusing on its fair share of mysteries and questions. Humanity doesn’t exactly seem like a game that needs to set itself apart from its peers any more than it already is doing, but Story Mode surely seems like another attractive prospect. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Humanity is due out on May 16 for PS5, PS4, and PC. It will also feature PS VR and PS VR2 support, and will be available for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers via PS Plus Game Catalog at no additional cost.