“A Good Amount” of PlayStation Studios Are Ready to Show Their Next Games – Rumour

Recent leaks have claimed that Sony has a PlayStation Showcase event planned for later this month.

June is set to be a busy period, with events like Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, and Ubisoft Forward all planned for the month, but reports have recently claimed that Sony is ready to move ahead with its own slate of announcements before that. And amidst reports that a PlayStation Showcase event is planned for later this month, it’s now also been claimed that several first party PlayStation studios are ready to showcase whatever it is they’ve got lined up as their next releases.

That’s according to game dev and industry insider shinobi602, who recently said in a post on ResetEra that though he is unaware what Sony’s current plans are where showcase events are concerned, he does know that “a good amount of teams are at a point where things are certainly ready to be shown”.

So far, the only first party title that Sony has officially slated for a 2023 launch is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though an official announcement of Naughty Dog’s standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game is also expected sometime this year, presumably at the rumoured showcase. It has previously been claimed that the event is set to be a “massive” showcase that will “set up the second phase of the PS5”.

Meanwhile, a Sony Interactive Entertainment’s LinkedIn profile also recently suggested that the company has an unannounced first party PS5 title set to launch this year-