Fortnite is One of the Games at Olympic Esports Week

The best Fortnite players can now compete to show off their marksmanship during the Olympics Esports Week event.

Fortnite will be one of the games part of the upcoming Olympic Esports Week. Set to take place in Singapore, the event will be a four-day festival featuring virtual sports as well as more traditional gaming titles. As part of the event, Fortnite players part of the Fortnite Champion Series will compete in a sharpshooting competition.

The event can be attended virtually on a Creative Island that was created specifically for the Olympic event. Players will be competing to show off their sharpshooting skills in Fortnite. The event can be watched live through the official website for the Olympics. It starts on June 22, and will go on until June 25.

There are a number of other games part of the Olympic Esports Week alongside Fortnite, including Gran Turismo 7, Just Dance, Zwift Cycling, and web chess. The event is also slated to feature virtual competitions based on archery, baseball, taekwondo, tennis, and sailing.

Fortnite has seen quite a bit of success since its launch. Most recently, developer Epic Games released Unreal Editor for Fortnite, which allows players to make and publish their own games using Fortnite as the underlying foundation. Earlier this year, Fortnite also ended support for Windows 7 and 8.